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2023 Editions

IOTA Chapter  | An Iota’s Worth | Summer 2023

IOTA Chapter Recognized at ZBT International Convention August 10-12 in New York City.
• 2023 Omega Cup for Outstanding Publications and Communication
• IOTA 2023 Runner Up Awards – Best Alumni Programming Standards of Excellence Program | TOP TEN


IOTA Chapter  | An Iota’s Worth | Spring 2023

It has been a great year on the alumni front with being able to finally celebrate on 100th charter- ing anniversary. A few thank you’s to Don Reisfeld for the tremendous job he does on our publications and to Jay Reano for his effort on the Denver Area Third Thursday Lunch program. To ZBT’s staff and leadership for their continued support as well as DU’s FSL office for their support and mentor, and DU’s Facilities staff for their efforts in keeping our chapter house in great shape.

Last, but not least we remember brothers Bruce Balonick class of 1970 and Doug Anton class of 1979. They will be missed but not forgotten, see page 39 of the spring 2023 edition for obituaries.



2022 Editions

IOTA Chapter  | An Iota’s Worth | Fall 2022

IOTA Chapter | Reunion Recap | Happy Holidays!

Over 100 Alumni and Guests attended IOTA’s Centennial Celebration Weekend, read all about the gala celebration.



IOTA Chapter  | An Iota’s Worth | Summer 2022

We are pleased to report that Iota Chapter was once again the Omega Cup recipient for Outstanding Publications. Our thanks to Don Reisfeld and all others involved in making IOTA #1 in this category nine out of the past ten years.

We are excited about our upcoming Centennial Chartering celebration. Please send in your registration fee and information sheet by August 15th to guarantee yourself hockey tickets for Friday night, web links below:





IOTA Chapter  | An Iota’s Worth | Spring 2022

We look forward to ‘22-’23 being a great one for IOTA and seeing many alumni at our Centennial Celebration the weekend of Oct 6-9, 2022. Reunion forms: http://duzbt.com/centennial-celebration/

ZBTahiti, formal, whitewater rafting, retreat, graduation ritual, annual Blood Drive, Wish for Wheels Bike Give-away, and raising money for Children’s Miracle Network were a great success. Read all about it and more in ‘An Iota’s Worth’ Spring 2022 eNewsletter edition.



Reunion forms: http://duzbt.com/centennial-celebration/

IOTA Chapter  | An Iota’s Worth | Winter 2022

It’s On…Given the present conditions Iota’s Centennial Celebration Committee has decided that we will be moving forward with the celebration of Iota’s Centennial Chartering this fall…

SAVE THE DATE! | Oct 6-9, 2022



2021 Editions

IOTA Chapter  | An Iota’s Worth | Summer 2021

Congratulations to IOTA Chapter for raising over $15,000 in the past 20 months for Children’s Miracle Network.
We look forward to ‘21-’22 being a tremendous year for IOTA and to our 102nd Chartering Anniversary Celebration in fall of 2022…
SAVE THE DATE! | Oct 6-9, 2022.


IOTA Chapter  Zooming Along | An Iota’s Worth | Spring 2021

IOTA initiated 21 new brothers in a mostly virtual and man-on-man recruitment process. We plan on sending 6 Iota delegates to the ZBT National Convention in Miami in July. We look forward to ‘21-’22 being a great one for IOTA and to our 102nd Chartering Anniversary Celebration… SAVE THE DATE! | Oct 6-9, 2022.



2020 Editions

IOTA Chapter  Happy Thanksgiving | An Iota’s Worth | Fall 2020

We have initiated 16 new brothers in a mostly virtual and man-on-man recruitment process. IOTA was a TOP 3 in recruiting.

101st Chartering Anniversary Celebration now set for Sept. 23-26, 2021.

Our own Marc B. Nathanson ’67 was a featured speaker on ZBT’s “INSPIRED TO SERVE: Two Ambassadors and a Businessman”  https://www.zbtfoundation.org/zbtlive

IOTA Chapter leads with most donations in ZBT’s Foundation Week of Giving…thanks to all who donated!
Read all about it and more in ‘An Iota’s Worth’ Fall 2020 eNewsletter edition.


NEW SAVE THE DATE! | Oct 6-9, 2022 


IOTA Chapter Brummer Cup Runner Up | An Iota’s Worth | Summer 2020

Once again IOTA Chapter for the 12th year in a row has been a Brummer Cup runner up or recipient (2016 and 2018 Brummer Cups). An amazing model of consistency for over a decade. IOTA was the recipient of the Alexander “Babe” Lewin Award for Outstanding Alumni Programming.

Read all about it and more in ‘An Iota’s Worth’ Summer 2020 eNewsletter edition.


NEW SAVE THE DATE! | Sept 23-26, 2021 


IOTA #1 Chapter at DU | An Iota’s Worth | Spring 2020

NEW! Save the Date for IOTA’s Centennial Celebration | Sept 30 – Oct 3, 2021, details in Spring 2020 edition of ‘An Iota’s Worth’ . 

ZBT dominates FSL 2020 Awards with IOTA Chapter being the most highly honored fraternity at DU!

Zoom Cocktail Hours allow alumni to reminisce about their fraternity years at DU… good times were had by all!

Read all about it and more in ‘An Iota’s Worth’ Spring 2020 eNewsletter edition.



2019 Editions

IOTA Chapter | 27 New Brothers | 123 Strong… An IOTA Record! IotasWorth_Fall2019_LR

IOTA had another successful recruit period initiating 27 new brothers bringing the chapter’s membership to an IOTA record of 123 brothers!

IOTA will be celebrating their 100th Anniversary on October 2-4, 2020. Please SAVE THE DATE and join us for a special Centennial Celebration Reunion! Details in Fall 2019 eNewsletter. IotasWorth_Fall2019_LR

IOTA Chapter Honored and Awarded at 2019 Convention held in Denver! IotasWorth_Summer2019_LR

Centennial Celebration of IOTA Chapter at 2019 convention held in Denver.  ‘An Iota’s Worth’ Summer 2019 eNewsletter edition.

IOTA Chapter Dominates 2019 DU Awards! IotasWorth_Spring2019_LR

Read all about it in ‘An Iota’s Worth’ Spring 2019 eNewsletter edition.


2018 Editions


IOTA Chapter | Best Chapter in ZBT | 116 Strong!

Read all about it in ‘An Iota’s Worth’ Fall 2018 eNewsletter edition.


IOTA WINS THE BRUMMER CUP for the 2nd time in the past 3 years!

Read all about it in ‘An Iota’s Worth’ Special Summer 2018 eNewsletter edition.

SAVE THE DATE! Mon, Sept., 24th, 2018 (5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.)

BRUMMER CUP CELEBRATION RECEPTION Honoring the brothers of IOTA Chapter for being selected as the best chapter in Zeta Beta Tau for the second time in the past three years.

Hosted by the House Corporation of IOTA Chapter

Iotas Worth_Spring2018 Dear Steve, Undergraduate and Alumni Brothers of Iota, What an unbelievable newsletter, year of achievement and so much more. I am overwhelmed by the news shared in the newsletter…I have never seen such an interesting Chapter newsletter in my 68 years of fraternity life as a Brother in Phi Alpha, Phi Sigma Delta or Zeta Beta Tau. Kudos to the undergraduates who had a spectacular year, to the Alumni who support the Chapter and the University and to the alumni Brothers who advise the Chapter and serve on the House Corporation. Steve, feel free to share my comments with one and all. C, F & S, Saul Fern 2017 Editions Iotas Worth_Fall2017Winter2018 Iotas Worth_Summer2017 Iotas Worth_Spring2017 2016 Editions Iotas Worth_Fall2015Winter16 Iotas Worth_Summer2016 Iotas Worth_Spring2016 2015 Editions Iotas Worth_Summer2015 Iotas Worth_Spring2015 2014 Editions Iotas Worth_Fall2014_Winter15 Iotas Worth_Summer2014 Iotas Worth_Spring2014 2013 Editions Iotas Worth_Fall2013 Iotas Worth_Summer2013 Iotas Worth_Spring2013 2012  Editions Iotas Worth_Fall2012 Iotas Worth_Summer2012 Iotas Worth_Spring2012 Iotas Worth_Winter2012 2011  Edition Iotas Worth_Spring2011