Your first year at the university, either as a freshman or transfer, you are surrounded by a sea of new faces, names and challenges that may make you feel a little lost, especially without the many friends you had and enjoyed in high school. One thing you will notice in your first days in college is the sense of belonging present in fraternity men. ZBT has a brotherhood of nearly 100 men who all can call our house their home and our members their brothers. Fraternity brothers are there for each other to celebrate each others; successes (in style) and for when life gets tough.

But, what can a fraternity offer you? Fraternities offer opportunities to become a better leader, better friend, better student, and a better man.

Fraternal living is an education in itself. Each chapter has a responsibility of services to its members, the college and the community. It is well known that fraternity members enjoy a much higher level of involvement in campus and community life than non-fraternity members. For this reason there are more than enough challenges to keep every member active in the daily operations of the chapter. Whether it is organizing a winning intramural team, balancing the chapter books, or helping a brother with his homework, all the jobs are important to the chapter. In addition they help you develop leadership skills through experiences. Zeta Beta Tau promotes new brother education programs designed to help new members develop their own leadership potential and adopt effective scholarship habits. Zeta Beta Tau realizes the importance of leadership development and annually hosts a nationwide leadership school and conclaves are held throughout the country to provide even more brothers with leadership experience.

Brotherhood is what makes a fraternity important. The very word itself is important, the members of Zeta Beta Tau are not friends, they are brothers. Why are they brothers? Because we are there for each other now, when we are 80, and when we are 120. When do you hear of over a hundred friends coming to a reunion, but that is exactly what fraternity men do. Being a brother is what makes ZBT relevant, and what makes men devote their lives to their fraternity. As part of building a brotherhood we go paintballing, go-kart racing, go to Rockies games, go to Avalanche games, play mini golf, win intramural football/soccer/basketball/kickball/softball, go camping, go river rafting, go rock climbing, go to Beaver Creek Lodge for Formal, and hang out at our house. Joining the brotherhood of ZBT allows you to join something larger than yourself. Suddenly, you join nearly 100 men all working for the same purpose to achieve the same goal: To become a Powerhouse of Excellence. When you join ZBT you join over 110,000 men who all share our brotherhood.

Fraternities offer a great way to better yourself academically. We realize the reason you are going to college is to graduate, which is why fraternities are built to help you do this. Nationally, fraternity members acquire grade point averages above all other college men’s scholastic rankings. In addition, 71% of all fraternity men graduate, while only 50% of non fraternity men graduate from college. Our chapter can help you academically with test banks, tutoring from older brothers in your major or classes, as well as rewards such as Dean’s List dinners or gift cards for good grades. This past year we have had at least ten brothers on Dean’s List each quarter. Not only do we prepare you succeed academically; fraternities also prepare you for the rest of your life. Since 1825 all but two U.S. presidents have been in a fraternity, 63% of the U.S. president’s cabinet members have been in a fraternity, as well as 76% of congress.

Your college experience would not be complete if you never stepped outside of the classroom or your dorm room. While the purpose of college remains scholastic, a social life is equally important in your college experience. We keep our social calendar busy with exchanges with each sorority on campus throughout the year and with the best and most popular philanthropy bar party, ZBTahiti. The social life available to fraternity men teaches them confidence, manners, personality and social etiquette. A college career without the social life offered through a fraternity is simply not complete. Besides teaching important lessons, the social experience will provide you with the longest lasting memories of your college career. You will not always remember what was on that test a month ago, but you will always remember the fun times spent with your brothers. At ZBT, we know how to have fun, and we love to have fun. Just ask.

Fraternities At a Glance

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