Non-Hazing, Non-Pledging

The brothers of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity do not believe in hazing. We also do not believe it is necessary for men to pledge a fraternity. You do not pledge ZBT- you join ZBT- all brothers have equal rights and responsibilities. From day one you are our brother. This does not mean you do not have to earn your membership. See below, you must earn it every day of your four years at DU.
ZBT was the nation’s first fraternity to eliminate pledging as a tradition.
We do not believe that it is necessary to subject our new brothers to physical and mental pain in order for them to gain access to our brotherhood. Once you join ZBT you are given the full rights and responsibilities of any brother and have access to all the events that all other brothers do. In other words, we do not force you to do or anything  which would degrade you as a brother of our fraternity or a person.
New brothers of our chapter do participate in a six week new brother education program which includes learning about our fraternity’s history, our chapter’s history, and our values. This will require work, but we believe this is beneficial in building the bonds of brotherhood. During your time spent in New Brother Education you will still enjoy the full rights and responsibilities of other brothers. This means you will have a vote as to the direction of the fraternity, and that you must also meet our standards. As part of joining the Powerhouse of Excellence which is our fraternity you will be required to spend 10 hours serving the community per quarter, join at least one club at DU (includes sports teams) or have a job. You must also maintain a 2.75 cumulative GPA, and attend our weekly chapter meetings. It is through these standards that we maintain our position as the best damn fraternity at DU. You must meet these standards each quarter, thus making ZBT the most demanding fraternity experience on campus.

In summary, if you have any questions regarding our zero tolerance policy for hazing/pledging please contact our President, Christoper Nalen.

For more information about ZBT’s innovate program THE JOURNEY go to

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