Steve Ehrlich was President of ZBT Iota in 1969-70 when Iota was awarded the Brummer Cup, again under his guidance and leadership. All through his college years at DU, Steve was deeply involved in Iota. He cared and he participated at a time when it was not ‘super cool’ to be part of a fraternity. After college he carried the ZBT torch all the way to become the International President of ZBT. Steve has been presented countless ZBT awards too numerous to mention here. He earned and deserved all of them. With the foresight and courage of Dan Goodman ‘07 and the guidance from Steve, Iota chapter was re-colonized in 2005 and re-chartered in 2007. With a succession of remarkable young ZBT’s, Iota chapter experienced a meteoric rise in membership, awards and accomplishments.
Steve was involved in every aspect along the way from recruitment, food service, maintenance, remodeling, fund raising, event planning and brotherhood development. His leadership and mentoring paved the path for excellence. Steve’s impact on the success of Iota is paramount. He has fraternity in his DNA. Steve is truly unique and special and Iota is so very fortunate to have him as their chapter advisor.
On behalf of all of our Iota brothers, to the Best Advisor on Planet Earth! Thank You, Steve
IOTA Chapter #1 in the world!
The Brummer Cup along with many other award Iota Chapter received in 2016.
Fraternity brothers from the mid-70s: Gregg Witt ‘77, Richard Goodman ‘78, Don Reisfeld ‘76 and Ken Friednash ‘77
Steve Ehrlich with University of Denver’s Greek Advisor Lauren Utley.
Alumni Relations with the Undergrads continue to develop as Chicago brothers Gregg Witt ‘77 and Geoffrey Lasin ‘19
Walter Sutton ’67 and undergrad Scott Adams
IOTA undergrads
David Hauptman, ‘74, Jay Reano ‘76 and Alex ‘Zorro’ Zorensky ‘08
Immediate Past President Ben Brentin ’15 welcoming University of Denver officials, Iota undergrads, alumns, parents and friends of Iota Chapter to the Brummer Cup Celebration.
Chris Nalen, 2016 President of Iota Chapter. Iota Chapter last won Brummer Cup in 1968 and 1970. Over the last eight years Iota has been runner up seven times. We are thrilled and honored to have been selected as ZBT’s best chapter in the nation.
Gregg Witt ’77, Richard Goodman ’78 and Jesse Ireland ’79
Kudos to Dan Goodman aka ‘The Godfather’ who re-colonized Iota Chapter in 2005 and is now a director on Zeta Beta Tau’s Foundation Board.
Gregg Witt being recognized for being named president of ZBT’s National Permanent Endowment Fund – the housing arm of the fraternity.
Don Reisfeld ’76 Editor and publisher of “An Iota’s Worth”
Don Reisfeld ’76 being recognized for winning the Omega Cup for outstanding chapter publications.

Steve Ehrlich Master of Ceremony
Steve Ehrlich’s mentor…Past President Walter Sutton ‘67 delivers a heart-warming speech about Iota brotherhood 50 years after graduating from the University of Denver. Brotherhood for a Lifetime!
Richard and Dan Goodman with Steve Ehrlich
Richard Goodman ’78
Thank you to Richard and Dan Goodman for sponsoring the Brummer Cup celebration that was held at University of Denver’s Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management on September 22, 2016. Kudos to Dan Goodman aka ‘The Godfather’ who re-colonized Iota Chapter in 2005 and is now a director on Zeta Beta Tau’s Foundation Board.
Steve leads us in “Here’s to our fraternity” song.

Fraternity brothers from the 70s: Neil Silver ‘71, David Hauptman, ‘74, Jay Reano ‘76, Keith Frankl ‘78, Michael ‘Kappy’ Kaplan ‘74, Gregg Witt ‘77, Brian Cook ‘79, Jesse Ireland ‘79, Ken Friednash ‘78 and Richard Goodman ‘78
Abe giving Steve Ehrlich a big hug!
Jesse Ireland ’79 and Ken Friednash ’78
Walter Sutton ’67 with Corey and Tyler
ZBT ‘Little Sisters’ from the 60s, 70s and 80s (left to right) Marcy Greene, Teri Witt Sapiro and Linden Silver
Past Presidents: Jay Reano ‘76, Dan Goodman ‘07, Scott Adams ‘12, Matthew Coleman ‘14, Walter Sutton ‘67, Michael ‘Kappy’ Kaplan ‘74, Kevin Sullivan ‘13, Steve Ehrlich ‘70, Ben Brentin ‘15 and Chris Nalen ‘17, President of Iota
Don Reisfeld ‘ 76 gets the priveldge to hold the prestigious Brummer Cup.
Here’s to our fraternity!