Masquerade party with Susie Bromberg, Michael ‘Kappy’ Kaplan, Leigh Bishop, Cathy Dickman and Morrie Siegel
Masquerade party Fran Greene Reisfeld and Bob Susser
Masquerade party Richie Nadler with date Stu Schoenfeld
Marty ‘Wally’ Waldbaum
ZBT lunch – Jim Ehrlich, Fran Greene Reisfeld, Don Reisfeld, Sander Goldfine, Bob Susser and Todd Ziplow
Richard Smith and Jill Hirshfield
Jeff Meltzer and Jill Hirshfield Meltzer
BOD Squad
1974 Pledge Class Induction lead by Jeff Meltzer and Danny Slosburg
1974 Pledge Formal Steve Zellin and Marcy Greene
Rick Page, Teri Schwartz and Steve Blank
1974 Spring Weekend – Square Dance Jeff Meltzer, Richard Smith and Stu Schoenfeld
1974 Spring Weekend – Square Dance Jeff Meltzer and Morrie Siegel
1974 Spring Weekend Square Dance Roger Heuberger and Jill Hirshfeld promenade
Spring Weekend Laurie and Ron Lefkowitz, Teri Schwartz and Ric Page
Fran Greene Reisfeld and Don Reisfeld
Spring Weekend – Square Dance Debbie Adelman and Marty ‘Wally’ Waldbaum
1974 Dance Marathon for Colorado Easter Seals – co-chairs Jeff Meltzer and Richard Smith
ZBT Dance Marathon Karen Nadler

1974 Spring Weekend in Estes Park – Jay Reano ’76, Beth Stein and Danny Slosburg ’75
ZBT Beach Party Roger Heuberger, Carol Gordon, Morrie Siegel and Karen Nadler
ZBT Beach Party (far left) Don and Fran Greene Reisfeld, John Meltzer, (center) Steve Blank, Carol Gordon and Roger Hueberger
In the background that’s Rand Goldstein with his face painted, Michael ‘Kappy’ Kaplan and Stu Schoenfeld
Steve Blank and Morrie Siegel on the dance floor
Marty ‘Wally’ Waldbaum
Steve Adler in the kitchen
ZBT Casino Night croupier Al ‘Boomer’ Belsky and Jay Reano
ZBT Casino Night, Keith Frankl, Spencer Brookstein and Bob Peters at the BJ table
Richard Smith, Mike Friedman and Mickey Rappaport
Jeff Peterson, Richard Smith and Patty looking on
Steve Adler, Spencer Brookstein and Todd Ziplow
Don Reisfeld
ZBT Casino Night – Josh, Fran Greene Reisfeld and Don Reisfeld
CostumeParty Fall 73 (l-r) Richard Smith, Steve Adler, Michael ‘Kappy’ Kaplan, Susie Bromberg, Don Reisfeld, Fran Greene Reisfeld. Back row: Jimmy Dorfman, Jeff Meltzer and Roger Heuberger. Sitting:  Judy Behn, Bob Peters, Jill Hirshfeld Meltzer, Karen Nadler and John Meltzer
Costume Party Richard Smith and Dana, Bob Peters and Judy Behn
Costume Party Susie Bromberg
Costume Party Morrie Siegel
Costume Party Steve Adler
Costume Party Roger Heuberger, Susie Bromberg, Michael ‘Kappy’ Kaplan, Leigh Bishop Siegel Cathy Dickman and Morrie Siegel
Costume Party Kappy and Susie Bromberg
Pajama Party Don Zimelis, Susie Bromberg, Cathy Dickman and Morrie Siegel
Pajama Sue Bernstein and Bob Peters
Costume Party Bob Peters and Judy Behn
Costume Party Kim Gerlach and Bob Peters
Costume Party Bobby Susser and Sue Ross
Costume Party Bobby Susser
Pajama Party Richard Goodman Movie Night
Hershel Shapiro and Jesse Ireland
Mark Friedman
Battle of the Bands – Morrie Siegel and Steve Blank
Costume Party Hershel Shapiro
Costume Party Brian Cook and Andy Aronson
Pajama Party Paul Berman
Costume Party Andy Aronson
Pajama Party Bill Castellano – Movie Night
In the kitchen: Steve Adler, Lorraine, Robbie Weinstein and Kappy
Dinner with guest speaker Chancellor Maurice Mitchell. (l-r) Dean Steve Antonoff, Steve Blank, Andy Aronson and Chapter Advisor Steve Ehrlich
Dinner with Chancellor Mitchell
Rob Kreiger, Roger Heuberger and Sander Goldfine with trustee Dr. Paul Gordon
Bill Solomon and alumn
Dinner with trustee Paul Gordon, Dean Steve Antonoff, Bobby Susser, Jay Reano and Michael ‘Kappy’ Kaplan
Little Sisters’ Dinner – Fran Greene Reisfeld, Bobby Susser and Little Sisters
Little Sisters
Little Sisters’ Dinner Steve Adler,Mark Friedman and Ken Friednash
Little Sisters Dinner Richard Goodman, Lori Hess, President Andy Aronson, Marcy Greene and Lori Kelman
Little Sisters Dinner with Andy Aronson and Bobby Susser
Lunch – Don Reisfeld, Mickey Rappaport, Rob Glassman and Bruce Kirsh
Jay Reano, Past President and Bobby Susser, President at inductions
President Andy Aronson with swearing in of officers Bill Castellano, Hershel Shapiro, Richard Goodman and Jesse Ireland
Induction of Little Sisters
Induction of Little Sisters with Paul Berman and Ken Friednash
Little Sisters Paul Berman, Lori Kelman and Jesse Ireland
ZBT – 1973 induction
ZBT – Class of 1977  Pledge Class of 1973 (l-r) Jim Ehrlich, Dick Dietros, Gregg Witt, Ronnie Lefkowitz and Ric Page
Class of 1977 Gregg Witt, Ronnie Lefkowitz and Ric Page and Todd Ziplow. Bill Cook ’76, Danny Slosburg ’75 and Rand Goldstein ’75
Casket Race
Casket race coming to the home stretch along fraternity row.
The pall barers: Gregg Witt, Danny Slosburg, Steve Blank, Richie Nadler and Jay Reano celebrate.
ZBT IOTA Float – Jimmy Ehrlich
ZBT IOTA Float Parade
ZBT IOTA Float – Jimmy Ehrlich
Living Room 1974
Back of the house… looks like Steve Blank’s Skylark and Gregg Witt’s Vega, Jay car “Betsy”
Don Zimelis and Roger Heuberger Feb 1974
Jimmy Ehrlich, Bob Peters, Morrie Siegel, Jeff Meltzer and Todd Ziplow
Spencer Brookstein’s back and Jesse Ireland, Mark Friedman, Bill Castellano and Hershel Shapiro
Andy Aronson, Paul Berman, Keith Frankl eating goldfish
Mark Friedman playing foosball
Hershel Shapiro
Gregg Witt
Jesse Ireland
Ken Friednash
Keith Frankl, Bill Castellano and Gregg Witt
Ken Friednash and Paul Berman with ZBT party favors
Bill Castellano… the grounds keeper
Rebuilding the pyramid
ZBT torches
Gregg Witt photographer
Richie Nadler running the bases. IOTA Intramural Sport Scenes: Baseball, Basketball, Flag Football and Hockey. Plus volleyball with the Little Sisters in the back of the house.