First off, congratulations on selecting the University Of Denver as your home for the next four years. Soon you will be moving into your dorms, meeting people, picking classes, and enjoying everything that DU and Colorado has to offer. The first week, Orientation Week, can be very hectic and joining a Fraternity may not be your first thought. However, participating in Rush Week was the best choice I could have made in starting my college career. During Rush week, you will meet a lot of new people and do some awesome activities that you will always remember. My rush week as a first year student was a memorable experience. I was able to look at a number of different fraternities but there was something specific that the members of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity held that contrasted themselves from other fraternities – brotherhood. Yes, of course the recruitment events were exciting. Who could turn down paintball on a sunny day? As fun as Rush Week is, we also take it very seriously. This is the week where you decide the Greek Organization that you will be part of, for not just your four years in college, but for the rest of your life. Many people have an inaccurate perception about Greek Life, but here, at Zeta Beta Tau, we strive to make sure that the men that join our Fraternity become better men in all aspects of life and also that these same men make the people and community around them better.  Zeta Beta Tau is the nation’s first non-pledging, non-hazing fraternity. All brothers have equal rights and responsibilities from day one. We also have the most demanding membership development program which include the requirement that all brothers meet our brotherhood standards. Every brother is voted on at the end of each academic period to decide if they have met or exceed our standards and will remain a brother.

There are many reasons that I joined the strongest brotherhood on the campus, but instead of telling you, I would like to invite you to meet all the members of this Fraternity and see for yourself how strong the brotherhood is. Coming into DU I had no intentions of joining a fraternity, but after meeting all the brothers, I knew that ZBT was not just a social club, it was one of the top ZBT Chapters in the world with unmatched brotherhood, as well as the number one rated fraternity on campus, as judged by DU’s Interfraternity Council. After joining in September 2017, I have made lasting memories and relationships with brothers from every class. In addition, ZBT helped make my transition into college incredibly easy with all the help and insights from the other brothers I hope that you make the same decision that I did this time last year – to invest in a fraternity experience that will undoubtedly give you countless benefits for the rest of your life.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If any questions come to mind, about DU, Greek Life, or anything else, please feel free to call or text me at (541) 330-6907. You can also find me on Facebook or send me an to

Cordially, fraternally & sincerely,

Bennett Elsman
Recruitment Chair


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