October 2003

IOTA Chapter Reunion

IOTA reunion was held in the Denver Tech Center | October 2003
2003 Reunion ZBT IOTA Football Game
Daniels College of Business School – Don Reisfeld, Bill Castellano, Richie Nadler, Gregg Witt, Jay Reano and Marty ‘Wally’ Waldbaum
Michael ‘Kappy’ Kaplan with his son Phil, Jon Stine and his father Mark from University of Missouri at initiation.
Marcy Greene ’78 (Little Sister), Gregg Witt ’77, Ken Friednash ’78 and Fran Reisfeld ’76 (Little Sister)
Hershel Shapiro ’79 (may he rest in peace), Richard Goodman ’78, Don Reisfeld ’76, Richie Nadler ’76, Ken Friednash ’78, Steve Blank ’76 and Michael Kappy Kaplan ’74
Class of ’74, ’75,’ 76,’ 78,’ 79, ’80 & ’83
The 2003 reunion continued in Vail, Colorado – Gregg Witt, Richard Goodman, Hershel Shapiro, Ken Friednash, Bill Castellano, Don Reisfeld and Jon Church.
Gregg Witt, Richard Goodman and Steve Ehrlich
Hershel Shapiro, Richard Goodman and Bill Castellano

IOTA Chapter

Re-Chartered February 22, 2007

After 3 years of being a ZBT colony, IOTA Chapter was awarded their charter on February 22, 2007.

Re-Chartering Ceremony Program

IOTA Chapter

Re-Charter Ceremony Program
Steve Ehrlich and ??? … Dan Goodman and who is he looking on.
Steve Ehrlich, Chapter Advisor congratulation Dan Goodman who approached Steve back in 2005 and started the colonization of IOTA Chapter.
Who is the speaker from National? and who’s looking on?
Jay Reano ’76, House Corporation Advisor
IOTA brothers are back!
Alumni pizza at Bonnie Brae Tavern.

Oct 2008 Induction of Brothers

Denver University | Hillel House

Brothers Waldbaum, Slosburg, Lefkowitz, Kappy, Witt and Balonick singing “Here’s to our fraternity” song.
Steve Ehrlich with Brothers to be inducted.
Richard Sapkin ’83 with his son
Father and Son
Rihard Sapkin, his son, Father? and Son?
Richard Hiton pinning his son Merrick.
Alumni attending induction
Danny Slosburg ’75, Michael ‘Kappy’ Kaplan ’74 and Marty Waldbaum ’74
Gregg Witt ’77 and Ronnie Lefkowitz ’77

Friday Night Dinner Reception

Westin Downtown Denver

Laura and Steve Ehrlich
Richie Nadler, Cathy and Jay Reano
Classes of 1977-79 – Richard Goodman, Hershel Shapiro, Meyer Persew, Bill Castellano, Jesse Ireland, Brian Cook, Andy Aronson and Keith Frankl
Tori & Al ‘Boomer’ Belsky ’72
Andy Haas and Steve Ehrlich
Patty Marks with Chancellor Daniel Coombe and Richard Sapkin
Marc Lippitt, Dale Coplan and Suzzane Lippitt

Scott Schwartz, Gary Berz and Doug Finn, Al ‘Boomer’ Belsky and Bruce Balonick
Ronnie Lefkowitz ’77, Richie Nadler ’76 and Danny Slosburg ’75
Mark Bronson and Peter Glick
Julie and Andy Feld with Michael ‘Kappy’ Kaplan
Dale Coplan, Linden Silver (Little Sister) and Mark Bronson
Ken Friednash ’78 and Gregg Witt ’77
Marty Waldbaum ’74 and Ronnie Lefkowitz ’77
Morrie Siegel ’74
Master of Ceremony – Steve Ehrlich ’70
Phi Sigs from the 60s
Scott Schwartz, Devon Schad, Doug Finn and Andre Lojek
Richard Sapkin ’83 and Chancellor Coombe
Chancellor Coombe and Richard Sapkin ’83
Doug Finn, President of Iota Chapter, Class of ’09
Ed ‘Ned’ Porges ’62
Peter Belsky
Steve Ehrlich ’70 and Gary Berz ’70
Don Reisfeld ’76 and Steve Ehrlich ’70
Danny and Carey Simon
Joan Coplan, Linden and Neil Silver
Mark Bronson with Bruce and Marcia Balonick
Andy and Julie Feld, Howie Glicken, Marty Kravitz and David Hauptman
Fran Reisfeld (Little Sister) ’76, Bruni Witt and Judy Friednash
Arnie Arnoff and his wife.
Steve Ehrlich and Peter Glick
Marc and Suzzane Lippitt
Andy Feld
Rick Brown
Howie Glicken and David Hauptman
Richie Nadler, Steve Blank, Michael ‘Kappy’ Kaplan, Marty ‘Wally’ Waldbaum, Don Reisfeld, Stu Schoenfeld and Gregg Witt
Classes of 1975 thru 1979
Class of 1979 – Hershel Shapiro (may he rest in peace), Doug Antoon, Jesse Ireland and Bill Castellano
ZBT/Phi Sig Sept 2008 Reunion Cap
Hike in Mount Falcon Park
Hike in Mount Falcon Park lead by Gary Berz

ZBT Rededication Weekend | Oct 8-10, 2010

1959 So Columbine

Chancellor Robert Coombe keynoted the festivities as Iota rededicated its chapter house, built in 1959, this past October. A crowd of nearly 200 undergraduates, alumni, spouses, university officials, ZBT national leadership, and friends of Iota joined us on this glorious fall day. Chapter Advisor and Iota House Corporation President Steve Ehrlich thanked all who had donated to make the renovations possible. In particular Richard and Dan Goodman’s support was noted and they were presented with a plaque naming the chapter house in their names for their generous support. Friday evening reception and dinner were well-attended and much fun as alumni from the 1950s through 2010 renewed old friendships and made new ones. Members of ZBT’s Supreme Council and staff joined us for this special event. A lunch, dinner and then a party followed Saturday’s rededication ceremony with a DJ at the chapter house. Thanks to all who helped make this weekend possible.

Steve Ehrlich ’70 introduces Richard Goodman ’78 and Dan Goodman ’05

Friday Night

Cocktail Reception and Dinner

Spencer Brookstein ’76 and Fran Reisfeld (Little Sister) ’76
Jim Errant ’70 and Steve Abrams ’71
Alan ‘Rabbi’ Rabinowitz and his wife, Bob Hoffman and Gary Berz
Gary Berz and David Hauptman
Gary Berz, Marc Lippitt and Bruce Balonick
Richard Smith ’75 and Morrie Siegel ’74
John Meltzer and David Hauptman
Steve and Laura Ehrlich with Sandy Meyers
Scott Adams, Kyle Leigh, Zorro, Dan Goodman, Brandon Anton, Abe and Matt Landes
Don Zimelis, John Meltzer, Morrie Siegel, Richard Smith and Howie Glicken
Richard Smith, Howie Glicken and Michael ‘Kappy’ Kaplan
Ken Friednash and Andy Feld
Fran Reisfeld (Little Sister) and John Meltzer
Steve Blank and John Meltzer
Class of 2005 and 2006
Class of 1970
Class of 1978
Class of 1976 and 1977
Class of 1974 and 1975
ZBTs/Phi Sigs from late 60s and 1970
Steve Ehrlich
Don Reisfeld, Gregg Witt, Craig Wild, Faron Lewitt and Matt Rubins

Iota Chapter House Rededicated

October 9, 2010

Dan Goodman ’05 and Richard Goodman ’78
Steve Ehrlich welcomes Danny Simon
Gary Berz and Jim Errant
Al ‘Boomer’ Belsky and David ‘Hupt’ Hauptman

Guest speakers at the rededication ceremony.
Steve Ehrlich… Master of Ceremony
Alumni and fraternity guests… each class year (1975) stood as they were announced.
Chancellor Robert Coombe and Richard Sapkin ’83
Dan Goodman delivers a heart-felt speech on the colonization of Iota Chapter in 2005.
Richard Goodman
Steve Ehrlich and Dan Goodman
Richard and Dan Goodman…father and son embrace.

Jay Reano, Matt Landis, John Meltzer and Steve Blank
Michael ‘Kappy’ Kaplan, Richard Smith, Marty ‘Wally’ Waldbaum, Al ‘Boomer’ Belsky and Gregg Witt
Cindy Kirsh, Andy Aronson, Bruce Kirsh, Fran Reisfeld, David Hauptman and Marcy Greene
Danny Simon checking in.
Phi Sigs from the 60s
Drs. Ed Porges and Alan Witheiler of Iota class 1962 and the young alumni.
Mark Bronson and Bruce Balonick
Gary Berz and Steve Ehrlich with the undergrads